Other Cool People to Know About:

Learning Scientists

The Learning Scientists are an international team of cognitive scientist (including Dr. Kaminske!) whose vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators. Check out their blog and follow them @AceThatTest on Twitter.

… and after you’re finished reading our book, check out their new book: Understanding How Learn: A Visual Guide

Cult of Pedagogy

The Cult of Pedagogy are a team of self-proclaimed “teacher-nerds” who make all kinds of content (blogs! podcasts! videos!) about being better teachers. Check out their content and follow them @cultofpedagogy on Twitter.

The Effortful Educator

The Effortful Educator is run by Blake Harvard, an AP Psychology teacher at James Clemens High School in Madison, Alabama, who writes blogs about the intersection of teaching and cognitive psychology. Check out the Effortful Educator and follow him @effortfuleduktr on Twitter.

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval Practice is a hub of research, resources, and teaching strategies based on the science of learning and is run by Dr. Pooja K Agarwal, a cognitive scientist and former K-12 Teacher. Check out the resources on the site and follow @RetrieveLearn on Twitter.

Handouts, Activities, Posters, etc.



Testing Poster

Focus Poster

Multitasking Poster

Bonaventure Retrieval Practice Workshop Summary – 3/10/18

Retrieval Practice Workshop Summary Notes

Bonaventure Multitasking Workshop Summary – 9/16/17

Multitasking Workshop Summary

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Dual Coding




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